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I’m creating Beer Exam School to study for the Cicerone® Certification Program, Certified Beer Server exam.

My name is Nathan Pierce. Since quitting my air quality planning job about a year ago due to, shall we say “irreconcilable differences” with management, I’ve been planning to start a brewery here in the Monterey Peninsula area of California’s Central Coast. To learn more about beer and to enhance my resume, I am going to take the exam for Certified Beer Server.

Certified Beer Server is the first level of the Cicerone® Certification Program. It’s just a 60-question exam online, but the syllabus seems intimidating and, just glancing through it, I already see there’s a lot that I don’t yet know. After passing the exam, a Certified Beer Server will know anything about serving beer including:

  • Storage and pouring
  • Keeping clean lines
  • Styles of beer
  • Brewing process
  • and lots more

Honestly, I have been planning to take this exam for months. Then I read about Pat Flynn doing a blog to study for the LEED Certification and it seemed like a great tool to hold myself accountable, organize my thoughts, and maybe help others who are also studying for the Certified Beer Server exam.

So here goes!

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The Certified Beer Server page has a table of contents for all of my study lessons for this exam. If you’re just looking for the study lessons, you can go to one of the 5 categories, which align with the different chapters of the syllabus.



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