018. Reading list for Certified Beer Server (part 4)

Now we’re down to the last 2 parts of the syllabus. Today we’re starting Part 4 of the Certified Beer Server Syllabus: Beer Ingredients and Brewing Processes. The syllabus has just one section for this part, which includes: grains, hops, yeast, and water. It looks like a lot of material for one section; I’ll try and fit it into one post.

So let’s look at the reading list for part 4.

The first step is to get my study materials together

Today I’m going through the materials to find any recommended books, articles, or anything else. Here are the materials that I’ll need to study for the Certified Beer Server, Part IV. Beer Ingredients and Brewing Processes.

You can get whatever you’ll need to pass the exam. Or you can simply use my free flashcards and study notes throughout this site.

Looks like lots of the material is coming from John Palmer’s book, How To Brew. I’ve heard good things about the book. For this section of the syllabus, links go to the online version of the book. You can also get your own copy in Amazon.

Other resources are listed below.

Reading list for Certified Beer Server, Part IV. Beer Ingredients and Brewing Processes

Resources about malt:

Resources about hops:

Resources about yeast:

Resources about water:

  • Cicerone® Certification Program. “The Basics of Water.” http://cicerone.org. Accessed October 2015.

Resources about brewing processes:

So, holy wow! that’s a lot of material. I’m really surprised that they smashed all that into one section of the Certified Beer Server syllabus, Part IV: Beer Ingredients and Brewing Processes. As I start digging into it, I see whether I can fit all of it into one section of notes and flashcards…

We’re almost done! ! !

Gosh, I can almost feel it.

I’ve been doing this for so long. If I didn’t have a podcast about how to start a brewery, and if I wasn’t trying to make an entire website from these study notes, I certainly could have taken this exam a long time ago.

Oh well; now you get the advantage of using my flashcards and study notes for free! 🙂

As soon as I finish studying and publishing my notes for all of the sections, I’ll review my flashcards really well and pass the heck out of this exam!

Let’s do this! Part IV: Beer Ingredients and Brewing Processes.

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    1. I need an Exam on Brewing Such as starting from Handling of Raw materials Up to Final product Stage. Hence, please facilitate for me to get an exam.
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      • Thanks for reaching out, Bekele. Currently Beer Exam School is only for Cicerone Certification Program’s Certified Beer Server exam. The Cicerone Certification Program is for professional beer servers. I suggest you look for one of the several universities that offer courses for professional beer making.

    2. I’ve provided my name and email 3 times but have not received an email to obtain the free flash cards and study notes. Are they still available for free?