001. Reading list for Certified Beer Server exam

Wow! I can’t believe it was way back in May that I published my first post on this site. And still I haven’t even started studying for the Certified Beer Server exam!

LC conversion by Ginny on flickr

LC conversion by Ginny on flickr (CC BY-SA 2.0)

WordPress has been a much bigger learning curve than I expected. Plus I’m keeping microbrewr.com going with great podcasts each week, and looking for a job. :/

Anyway, it’s really important to me, to create this website while I study for the Certified Beer Server exam. I want to help everyone else who might be thinking of studying for the exam. So I’m going to share my study notes on this site.

The first step is to get my study materials together

Today I’m going through the materials to find any recommended books, articles, or whatnot.

Here is the reading list for Certified Beer Server exam that I’ll need to study. Feel free to get anything that you think you’ll need to pass the exam. Or check out my free study notes on this site.

Reading list for Certified Beer Server,

Part I. Keeping and Serving Beer

So that’s all of the reading material for the Certified Beer Server syllabus, Part I: Keeping and Serving Beer. Seems like a lot. (Go here for reading materials for part II.)

When I learned that Certified Beer Server exam is just a 60 question multiple choice test and it usually takes 30 minutes, I thought it would be easy. Now I’m starting to think that I have my work cut out for me!

Anyway it’s going to be fun. I’m looking forward to finally passing the exam and adding this certification to my resume.

So let’s get right into it by studying an overview of the Cicerone® Certification Program.

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    I'm Nathan Pierce. I drink beer, I quit my job, and I'm planning to start a brewery. I also host a podcast about how to start a brewery. So I’m studying for Cicerone® Certification Program, Certified Beer Server exam.

    Study along with me!

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    2 thoughts on “001. Reading list for Certified Beer Server exam

    1. I work for a wine, beer and spirits distributor in Las Vegas. I have been asked to take the Cicerone Certification courses and tests. I’m on line sending you this email because I want to be able to study for the test and pass it my first time taking the test. what and where can I look up to find the information that will help me? I will be taking the level 1 test, but will be looking to further my training.

      • Rob,
        You’ve come to the right place! Beer Exam School has everything you’ll need to pass the heck out of the Certified Beer Server exam the first time. Certified Beer Server is the first level of the Cicerone Certification Program.

        Beer Exam School was designed for people who don’t want to just pass the exam to put it on your resume, but for people who want to really know the material and gain knowledge for real beer service. So you’ll get a solid foundation for moving on to the next levels of the Cicerone program.

        Here’s the study plan I usually recommend:

        • Start with the beer styles.
        • Then go back to the beginning and read from lesson one through all of the 20 lessons.
        • Every day, read one lesson, review some beer style flashcards, and review the flashcards for the day’s lesson.
        • After you’ve gotten through all 20 lessons, spend a few more days reviewing all of the flashcards again.
        • You’d be sure to pass the heck out of the Certified Beer Server Exam!

        Let me know how it goes. 🙂