002. Overview of the Cicerone® Certification Program

Before even taking the Certified Beer Server exam, I will have to correctly answer 5 questions about the Cicerone® Certification Program.

They’re probably going to be super basic questions, but I don’t know what they are. So here’s an overview of the Cicerone® Certification Program.

Check out the resources page for a list of study resources that I’ll be adding to.

I already wrote an overview of the program. Review it on the About the Cicerone® Certification Program page.

Now let’s get into the syllabus material with the first section: purchasing and accepting beer.

Flashcards for this section

Based on the page mentioned above, here are my flashcards for this section.

What is the Cicerone® Certification Program?

A professional certification program that provides independent assessment and certification of knowledge and skills of beer servers.

Who founded the Cicerone® Certification Program?

Ray Daniels

Owner of Craft Beer Institute

Written about beer for years

Senior faculty member at renowned brewing school, Siebel Institute of Technology

What year was the Cicerone® Certification Program founded?

Founded in 2007

Started giving exams in 2008

4 levels of the Cicerone® Certification Program

  1. Certified Beer Server
  2. Certified Cicerone®
  3. Advanced CiceroneTM
  4. Master Cicerone®

5 main areas of knowledge in the Cicerone® Certification Program

  1. Keeping and serving beer
  2. Beer styles
  3. Beer flavor and evaluation
  4. Beer ingredients and brewing processes
  5. Pairing beer with food

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